Cats! Are you or a loved one a victim of "Big Toy"? Have you been...
  • Dispirited with imported mass-produced toys tainted with toxic paints, plastics, filling and other bad stuff?
  • Distressed with overseas catnip grown with banned pesticides and packed with straw, pebbles, sticks and who knows what else?
  • Aggrieved when your human seems more interested in a toy as eye candy than its playability when considering a purchase?
  • Horrified when your brand-new flashy toy falls apart after one play session?
We can help you stand up to Big Toy! Put your paw down and move from hiss to bliss!

Welcome to Feline o' Mine, handmade cat toys and accessories. We are so not Big Toy. We are four cats of diverse personality who dream up the kinds of toys we really want...while we're napping! We test everything we devise, decide what we like and what we don't, because—like you—we're that discriminating. And now we're sharing our favorites!

We insist on using the highest quality North American-grown catnip, so fresh, fragrant and wonderful that we can eat it without any concerns at all. We use first-quality felt, fabrics and fill from the USA. Felts are double-felted to increase durability and softness. And, each of our toys is made to order. You can always rest—or play—assured that you are getting the highest quality components in our toys and accessories. Plus, we always offer free shipping.

It starts with you. Stop Big Toy today and shop Feline o' Mine!

The Creative Cats at Feline o' Mine
Caroline • Elliott • Ivan • Izzy
Meet us!

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